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Terms & Conditions

All cat(s) must have a current vaccination certificate for Feline Enteritis and Influenza. It is important to bring the Certificate with you on the first day your cat(s) are boarding with us.

A registration form must be completed prior to your cat(s) stay with us. This will give us all the information we required about your cat(s). This information is required under Section 2 (1) of the Animal Establishments Act, 1963.

Cat(s) must be in good health on admission (unless they have a current medical condition that we know about and have accepted). All medicines must be clearly labelled with the cat(s) name and dosage. Unfortunately, every effort will be made to administer medication as requested, however this is not guaranteed.

It is important that all cat(s) are treated at least 48 hours prior to arrival for fleas and worms. Any cat(s) showing signs of fleas or worms will be treated by us and charges will be made accordingly.

If a cat(s) needs any veterinary care whilst boarding with us, we reserve the right to contact your veterinary practice. Emergency veterinary care will be administered by our own vets Brentknoll Veterinary Centre Whittington Road Worcester WR5 2RA. Any veterinary expenses will be incurred by the owners. We can assure you however; that every care will be given to your cat(s) should it fall ill whilst boarding with us.

Please see a link to Brentknoll Veterinary Centres website here: Click Here

Collars must be removed prior to your cat(s) arrival to ensure their safety during their stay.

An emergency contact name and telephone number is required whilst your cat(s) is holidaying with us, and we do encourage you to notify your Veterinary Practice that your cat(s) will be staying with us.

There is no longer a minimum charge for a stay, but early collections will be charged at the full booking rate.

Fees are charged per day which includes the day of arrival and the day of collection.

Payment by Cash, Cheque or Card is required on the day of collection supported by a cheque guarantee card. 

Any cat(s) that is not collected within 7 days of the departure date and if no communication had been received from the owner or their representative, cat(s) unfortunately will be handed over to the necessary authorities for re-homing. Fees for late cancellation and no notice cancellation will be charged at full rate.

Please note, we will not be held responsible for any loss, death, illness or injury to your cat whilst in our care. All cats are left entirely at their own risk.